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  • School Improvement Team
    The School Improvement team
    meets the first Monday of every 
    month at 3:20 in the school library.
    Meetings are open to the

    2013 - 2014 Members

    Joel Hathaway, Principal-Sept. 2006

    R. Laughinghouse, Chair May 2013
      Support and Teacher of the Year

    Krissy Case, Parent-May 2012

    Paulette Buchanan, Parent-July 2013

    Kathryn  Bradley, 7th grade-Sept 2013

    Jenna Kimlinger, 7th grade-Sept. 2012

    Kelly Deese, 8th-May 2012

    Kim Buckner, 8th-May 2012

    Jennifer Fowler UA-May 2012

    Jason Miller, UA-May 2013

    April Davis, Support-May 2013

    Laura Ketchuck, ILT-May 2013

    Will Hyatt, Teaching Assist.-May 2012




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