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Our Vision


Buncombe County Schools’ students will reach their full potential and become successful, responsible citizens in a diverse, global society


Each student enrolled in Buncombe County Schools is following an educational path that is unique and special. This path to the future in a diverse and global society is filled with choices and experiences. Instructional Services aim to support each student to handle every twist and turn of his or her educational journey. Our goal is to support every student on his or her pathway to success.

Instructional Services support core academic and enrichment programs designed to provide innovative learning experiences for students both inside and outside of the classroom. Each academic area is led by a curriculum specialist. Please contact the curriculum specialist for further information.



Cultural Arts Education K-12 Robert Waller 828-255-5951
Career and Technical Education 6-12 Christy Cheek 828-255-5931
Digital Teaching and LearningKelli Self828-255-5942
English Language Arts K-5 Candie Sellers 828-255-5017
Read to Achieve
Candie Sellers
English Language Arts 6-12 Eric Grant
English as a Second Language K-12 Kathy Worley
Healthful Living K-12 Debbie Bryant 828-255-5960
Media / Maker Spaces Kelli Self 828-255-5942
Mathematics K-12 Stefanie Buckner 828-255-5956
Science K-12 Brian Maccarelli 828-255-5957
Social Studies K-5 Candie Sellers 828-255-5017
Social Studies 6-12 Eric Grant
Distance Learning / e-Learning Brandon Rice 828-255-5928
World Languages Regina Lambert
      Instructional Leadership

        Susanne Swanger

      Ms. Susanne Swanger,
       Associate Superintendent
       Curriculum and Instruction

       Dr. regina Lambert

       Dr. Regina Lambert,
       Director of High School

       Vicki Biggers
     Ms. Vicki Biggers,
     Director of Middle
     School Education

      Candie's 2015 photo
     Ms. Candie Sellers,
       Director of Elementary and 
       Intermediate Education