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Countries of    
the World    

On-line Resources
  Background Notes by the U. S. Department of State - Provides factual information about the land, people, history, government, political conditions, economy, and foreign relations of countries around the world.
  Countries of the World - Contains information on the oceans, seas, mountain peaks, principal rivers, largest lakes, and the major biomes of the world.  Country information includes the geography, map, flag, history, current ruler, religion, population, currency and festivals.
  Country Studies by the Federal Research Division of the Library of Congress in Washington, DC - Provides a description and analysis of the historical setting and the social, economic, political, and national security systems and institutions of 102 countries and regions throughout the world.
  CultureGrams - provides overviews of 187 countries and includes history, religion, food, family, economy, greetings, gestures, famous people, recipes, flags, and photographs.
Accessible from school or home - see media center staff for login and password.
  Portals to the World - Contains links, selected by Library of Congress staff, to reliable, in-depth information about countries of the world.
  World Atlas:  Maps and Geography of the World - Maps and geographical information about the continents, oceans, and each country of the world.
  The World Factbook by the CIA - In addition to geographical facts, you can learn about the people, government, economy, communication, transportation, and military of countries around the world.
Print Resources
Encyclopedia of World Geography - Twenty-four volume set presenting illustrated overviews of every region in the world.  Includes physical geopgraphy, habitats and conservation, animal and plant life, industries, economy, peoples and cultures, cities, government, and environmental issues of each individual country in each region.  (Ref 910.3 Enc)
Junior Worldmark Encyclopedia of the Nations - Nine volume set with profiles of 193 countries of the world.  Each entry contains 35 topics such as agrigulture, education and climate.  (Ref 910 Jun)
Lands and Peoples - Six volume set providing information on various aspects of the land, people, economy, and history of the world"s countries.  Includes overviews of each continent, flag illustrations, maps, photographs, and statistics. (Ref 910 Lan)
Nations of the World - Eight volume set providing information on the history, geography, religions, industries, ethnic heritage, government, and languages of the world"s sovereign nations.  Each entry contains a statistics box with important facts and figures, a map, and a flag illustration.  (Ref 910.3 Bri)


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