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  • Stephen Chandler

    2015 BCS Principal of the Year
    Stephen Chandler,
    Principal of Candler Elementary
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  • Meredith Hammond
    2014-15 Social Worker
    of the Year

    Meredith Hammond,
    North Buncombe Middle
    & North Windy Ridge Intermediate
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  • Laura McCreary
    2014-15 High School
    Counselor of the Year

    Laura McCreary,
    Erwin High School
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  • Buffy Weathington
    2014-15 Middle School
    Counselor of the Year

    Buffy Weathington,
    Owen Middle
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  • Josh Williams
    2014-15 Elementary School
    Counselor of the Year

    Josh Williams,
    Avery’s Creek Elementary
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  • Technology Help Desk

    Technology Help Desk to the Rescue!

    The Technology Help Desk is a new offering with the goal of helping you make the best use of technology in support of learning. It is available for school personnel to get answers to quick questions that can be handled over the phone, or they will be able to point you in the right direction for answers.

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  • 2014 Second Annual Battle of the badges SOFTBALL INVITAIONAL

    Come enjoy the excitement as your local men and women in EMS, Fire/Rescue, and Law Enforcement compete in this year’s softball tournament against agencies and teams from across Western N.C. on September 20.

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  • Click here to see current grant opportunities

    Grant$ Corner

    Browse these grant opportunities for BCS educators...listed in order by deadline

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  • Important Information for Current Masters' Students

    For FY 2013-14, if appropriate and complete documentation, as outlined in the following two options, is received by May 7, 2014, by the NC Department of Public Instruction’s Licensure Division, the NC Department of Public Instruction will process the license and notify the teacher’s employing local education agency or charter school by May 21, 2014, (if the documentation validates that the teacher has completed the requirements for a Master’s, Advanced or Doctorate degree).

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  • Master's Pay Information for Current Graduate Students

    The State Board of Education has set its policy for educators who are currently enrolled in a Master's degree program and the deadline for submitting documentation in order to qualify for Master's pay in the 2013-14 school year.

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  • Control Your Online Reputation

    College admissions officers are increasingly looking at prospective students’ online posts. This article explains why college-bound teens should care about their online reputation.

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  •  ParentInvolvement

    Parent Involvement Makes a Difference

    Do all the PTA meetings, take-home flyers and Back to School nights actually generate increases in student achievement? The Center for Public Education examined the research and found that creating a partnership between parents and schools focused on academics truly does have significant impact on student achievement.

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  • New Renewal Requirements for SP2 License

    At the November meeting of the State School Board, the following policy, which applies to all individuals holding an SP2 license (a 5-year renewable license), was approved.

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