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Parent Connection


Parent Connection at North Buncombe is what most people consider PTA or PTSO in other schools.  Parent Connection’s main purpose is to support the school.  Members help with a wide range of services including hospitality for special events, chaperones, teacher and department aides, mentors to students, and proctoring.  This organization is vital to the school because of its support effort to the students, teachers, and administration.



Athletic Booster’s Club


The by-laws of the Athletic Boosters Constitution state that the primary function of the boosters is to support the students of North Buncombe high school.  The boosters club at NBHS membership is $15 and anyone is welcome to join.  The group meets on the 2nd and fourth Monday of every month at 7:00pm.  The meetings are for anyone that wants to discuss moving NBHS in a positive direction.  The Boosters club has purchased the following items for NBHS in 2005: linemen trap shoot, two trophy cases mounted on the wall, wrestling wall mount, cover for baseball, clock for swimming, food for registration for teachers, and many other items the athletic program could not afford without your support.  Please join the boosters to help the kids they need your support.


Band Boosters


The band’s boosters also are a support group for the band at NBHS.  This organization raises a tremendous amount of money to improve the performance of the band students at NBHS.  This organization has sent the band students of NBHS all over the country in big time performances that these students have placed in the top five.  In addition, the organization has purchased new equipment and instruments.  The band boosters are vital to the success of NBHS band.  Please join and help continue the success of the NBHS band.


Parent Advisory Group

This group meets periodically to discuss the direction that the school is headed.  The group is made up of the administration, students from the school, and parents from the school, the booster club president, and the band booster’s president.  The group gets to air their opinions on the school’s progress.  It allows the administration to get a feel for how the community views the school and it gives the principal a chance to inform the public of events that are going on inside the school.