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Throughout the school year Woodfin hosts many events such as the Awards Program, International Night, and Fall Festival.  Several of the events are PTO supported or Title 1 sponsored.  Please read below to find out more about our special events at Woodfin.

Award Days
Awards Program (end of each semester)

At the end of each semester Woodfin holds an Awards Program which is held during school hours.  Parents, families and guardians are encouraged to attend this honorable program.  Students are rewarded for perfect attendance, A-B, and A honor rolls.  This is always a special day for the children and teachers alike.


Curriculum Nights (Reading, Math, International Night)

During the school year we open our doors to parents to come in and spend time within the school.  Meetings are held which are usually held in the Media Center.  After wards parents are encouraged to visit their child’s’ classroom to meet the teachers, play games, or view the work which students have accomplished.  During the event a meal is usually served.  To better prepare for food to be served, parents are usually requested to fill out a form before hand to allow a number count to be.
Early Release Days and Teacher work Days
Buncombe County Schools incorporate several Early Release Days and Teacher Work Days through out the school year. These days allows teachers the time needed to work on grades and report cards, schedules for their classrooms, and meet with parents. On 2 hour early release day’s car-rider students will need to be picked up at 12:30 P.M.
 Woodfin Elementary

Health Fair

Once a year students attend the health fair which is held in our school gym. The students are weighed; their height is taken and noted in their records. Specific grades may have their eyes and teeth viewed as well. Should it be determined that a child should further be reviewed by his or her doctor a note will be sent home stating so.

National Holidays and Observances

Through out the school year our school celebrates National holidays and/or Woodfin PTO Makes a Difference!!observances such as Labor Day, Thanksgiving and Winter Break. On these days the students and teachers will not attend school.

PTO Fundraisers (Fall Festival, Read-a-Thon, Santa Shop)

Woodfin Elementary is very community oriented therefore we have several fundraisers throughout the school year. The Fall Festival is great fun and is only one of several fundraisers held throughout the school year!

Summer Reading Program
Research shows that when children read during the summer their reading skills are maintained or improve. We are very proud of our children who read through the summer, bring in their book list and earn medals. Title I purchases the books and the reading medals to encourage our Woodfin students to participate in the summer reading program.
Buncombe County School Foundation "School Checks Coupon Book" Sales
Each year the Asheville City Schools Foundation, the Buncombe County Schools Foundation and the Haywood Schools Foundation jointly participate in a major fund-raiser called the "School Checks Coupon Book".  Books are sold for $15.00 each and $10.00 of that stays in the school system. 
Music Productions
Several times throughout the school year the music classes put on music shows.  The students work very hard for these productions and always put on a show nobody would want to miss!  Teachers send home information with students for the parents when these productions will be put on.