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Erwin High School



Experiencing athletics at the high school level is very valuable to the total growth, development, and education of our young people.  A broad program of interscholastic competition is available to Erwin High students and all are encouraged to participate.  Erwin High is a member of the Mountain Athletic 3-A Conference and of the North Carolina High School Athletic Association.


To be eligible to participate in any sport, a student must meet scholastic requirements; have parental consent, approval of a medical examiner, and insurance.  Student athletes and their parents will be provided a copy of rules, regulations and the county drug policy (by the coach of their particular sport).  Athletes must be in attendance two of four class periods to be eligible for practice or contest.  Questions concerning athletics may be directed to the Athletic Director at (828) 232-4251.


At the end of the first semester, eligibility for the second semester must be verified based on the courses passed (student must pass 3 out of 4 classes) and attendance during first semester.


In order to practice, compete, and receive athletic scholarships at a NCAA Division I or II college or university as a freshman, a student must: Graduate from high school by meeting stated graduation requirements Meet admission requirements of the college or university File for certification with the NCAA Clearinghouse Meet GPA and SAT or ACT requirements published in the NCAA Clearinghouse bulletin


The following sports are available to our students:

FALL:  Boy's Soccer, Cheerleading, Cross Country, Football, Girl's Tennis, Girl's Volleyball

WINTER:  Boy's Basketball, Cheerleading, Girl's Basketball,  Wrestling, Swimming

SPRING:  Baseball, Boy's Tennis, Boy's Track, Girl's Fast Pitch Softball, Girl's Soccer, Girl's Track, Boy's Golf


For sports scheduling go to: