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It is the policy of Buncombe County Schools to be in operation a full day.  However, it may be necessary, due to conditions beyond our control, to close school early.  Students need to be able to ride a bus home. Due to limited phone lines, we cannot contact you personally. Parents should listen to local radio stations for information.  Teachers should clearly know the procedure you want them to follow in the event of an early closing. Please keep teachers updated if your plans change. Your child should understand what you want them do in case of an unexpected, early closing.


 REMEMBER:  Oakley Elementary School is a Buncombe County School and is in the Reynolds District.

Weather Watch

The safety of all children is our first concern if schools must be closed or their opening delayed because of weather conditions.  Here are some important things to remember.


     The decision to have a delayed opening or school closing will be made no later than 6:00 a.m.  If possible, the decision will be made the evening before.

     Tune in to area radio and television stations for the announcement.  Please do not call schools, central offices, or the news media.  You can also check on-line at:

     If there is a delayed opening of school, school will be open to students at 9:30.  Buses will run 2 hours later than their regular schedules.

     If no announcement is made you may assume that schools will operate on a normal schedule.  Weather conditions sometimes worsen during the day after children have arrived at school.  If early dismissal of schools is necessary, local radio and television stations will make the announcement. 

Working parents are advised to plan ahead and make special provisions for child care for those days when schools must be dismissed.

     Please indicate on the Student Information Sheet the procedures the school should follow for your child in the event of an early dismissal.

Please advise us of any changes or updates in this procedure.  Teachers are unable to telephone each parent in the case of early dismissal.