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 Tracking My Progress with “I Can Statements”-based on the NC Essential Standards


STUDY GUIDE: SCIENTIFIC METHOD (Lab Safety, Scientific Method, Data and Characteristics of Life)


Essential Standard

Testable Targets

Test Question or Concept



Learning Target

Can you…?

Inquiry Development


I can identify lab equipment and its proper function.

Be able to locate safety equipment on a map of the classroom.

Be able to name lab safety equipment.

Be able to describe the function of the lab safety materials.

Inquiry Development


I understand and demonstrate lab safety rules.

When given a scenario involving lab safety, be

able to identify dangerous, improper or safe


Inquiry Development


I can identify and describe the steps of the scientific


What are the general steps in the scientific


 What is the general purpose of each step (i.e.

what does the hypothesis do for us within an


 How is a hypothesis different from a theory or a law in SCIENCE?

What is a controlled experiment? A control

group? An experimental group?

 What is a constant? How is it different from the control?

Inquiry Development


I can identify independent and dependent variable

in an experiment.

What is a variable?

What are the two kinds? Define each.

Inquiry Development


I can write a proper hypothesis.

What is a “good” hypothesis?

What is the proper format for a hypothesis?

Could you write a hypothesis if given a question or scenario.

Inquiry Development


I can apply the steps (hypotheses, materials, procedures, data,

conclusion) of the scientific method to solve scientific



Inquiry Development


I can analyze and evaluate data (from graphs and


Can you set up a data table? Where does the

independent variable go? The dependent

variable? Trials? Average? etc

What are criteria for making “good” data tables

and graphs?

Inquiry Development


I can correctly use prefix and suffix to figure out the meaning of an unknown word.


Bio 1.1.2 and Bio 1.2.2


I can describe characteristics shared by all living things.



What are some general themes you will learn in biology this year?

What are the  characteristics all living things must have? (MRS HEDGE)

What is an organism?

What is the difference between a prokaryote and a eukaryote?

What is a species? What is a population?

What is growth? What is development?

What is a stimulus? A response?

What is an adaptation?

What is homeostasis?

What are the two ways organisms can get food?

Know the differences between sexual and asexual reproduction. 




Bio 1.2.1


I can explain how homeostasis is maintained in the cell and within organisms in various environments. 

What is a negative feedback system?

Explain how organisms handle changes in pH and temperature.


Bio 2.1.2


I can decide whether organisms are living or nonliving. 

Be able to choose living from non living organisms using the characteristics of life learned. 


Last Modified on January 20, 2012