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Cane Creek Media Center Policy and Procedures
Media Center Visits
  • Bring your agenda signed in ink.
  • Please sign in at the Student Sign In computer on the cart by the fire extinguisher.
  • If the agenda is not signed, you will be sent back to your class.
  • Opens: 7:15 AM
  • Closes: 3:30 PM
Media Center Policies
  • Before School: You will need a pass.  Passes are given at the end of school for the next day only.  See the media staff.
  • During School: Either with your teacher or with your Agenda/Pass.
  • After School: With permission of media staff or note from teacher. 
Food and Drinks
  • None
  • Never
  • Do not ask.
  • Enter/Leave the media center in a quiet and orderly manner.
  • Quiet conversations are okay as part of your research.
  • You will be asked to leave if you are too loud or just socializing.
Circulation Policies
  • Please bring your agenda with your bar code to check out books.
  • You are allowed to check out up to three (4) books at a time.
  • You may keep the books for two (3) weeks (15 school days).
  • You may renew books once unless there is a hold on it.
  • Never give your book(s) to a teacher or another student to return to the media center---You are responsible for them.
  • Make sure you take a DATE DUE SLIP located on the circulation counter.
  • Return books to the designated book drop slot located at the circulation desk in the media center.
  • Students are allowed to check out magazines, but must be returned the following morning before/during homeroom.
  • If you need to copy an article from a reference book or magazine, ask the media center staff to make you a copy.
  • Students are encouraged to come to the media center and read magazines and newspapers.
Reference Materials
  • Students are allowed to check out reference materials after school only.  Books are to be returned during homeroom on the following day during homeroom.  There is a $1.00 per day overdue fine for late reference books.
  • Online card catalog.
  • Title Peek-Shows the cover of the book
Late Return and Lost Books Policies
  • Fines are five cents ($0.05) per school day
  • If you are absent or school is closed due to inclement weather, no fine will be charged.
  • You are responsible for returning your book(s).
  • If you lose a book you will be charged the amount it will cost to replace the book.  
  • If the book is found, you may return the book to the media center for a refund.
  • If you damage a book, you will have to pay damage fees.
  • Wet books: If you return a wet book to the media center, you will have to pay to replace the book.
Windows 8 Login Information
  •  User Name = Student ID# [Lunch Number]
  •  Password = YYYYMMDD
  • Computers in the media center are for school-related research, word processing and PowerPoint only.
  • No Teacher = No computer lab usage.
  • Inappropriate use of computers and personal devices will result in a loss of Internet privileges.
  • Students will not be charged to print or copy materials when it is related to school work.
  • Copy and paste, if possible, to help save paper and ink.
  • Email yourself the link so that you can look over the website at home. 
  • Confirm printing with your teacher or media staff before printing.
  • Ask your teacher or media staff to copy any material.
Copyright Laws
  • Students are to ALWAYS abide the U.S. Copyright Laws!
  • Copyright Resource
  • Give credit where credit is due
  • Students are not allowed to bring DVD’s or VHS tapes to school.


  • For school related items.
  • 9 AM to Noon on Tuesday and Thursdays.
  • Leave materials, we can do it for you.