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Grading Policy
The following guidelines will be used in order to determine report grades.  The letter grades will be determined by number grades given on assignments.  I will make every attempt to send graded papers home every Friday.  This graded work will be placed in the take home notebook where the agenda is located.
A-  This is reserved for excellence, a step above everyone else.  The student performs well above average.  He/She works
hard and completes all assignments on time.
B-  The student has a consistently strong performance.  The work is assigned is always completed.
C-  This student is performing on what is considered to be an "average" level when compared to other children in their grade level.  
This student learns new concepts through many repetitions and most often completes assignments on time.
D-  This student is working below grade level.  The student consistently makes mistakes and concepts have to be retaught and are 
hard to master for this student.
F-  This student does not complete any assignments and rarely turns in any work.
This scale will be consider when grading papers and projects.  I have very high expectations for each and every student, but I also understand that the demands of education is not always fair for every student.  I modify assignments and grading for students with disabilities and attempt to provide extra help whenever time allows.  I will also use my assistant to help with remediation for students who are struggling.  Please remember that communication is key and that I will always be straightforward in my approach to telling you about your child's performance.