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Spelling Homework Ideas


  • 3 times each; use a different color for each time
  • trace over each word after writing it with a marker
  • cut letters into cards and scramble them then unscramble to spell the word
  • find letters in a newspaper or magazine cut them out and use them to spell your words
  • type your spelling words using different fonts and colors
  • make a collage by spelling them all over your paper
  • use alphabet cereal and glue the letters on a piece of paper to spell your words
  • write each word in a sentence using correct spelling and punctuation
  • use all of your words in a story
  • make a crossword puzzle out of your words
  • write the words in ABC order
  • make up a hangman game to play with a friend to study your words
  • write the words on graph paper and outline them in color
  • write your words and replace the vowels with lines (m_d_)


  For additional practice at home, try these ideas:


·        write words using shaving cream

·        at night, use a flashlight to write words on a wall

·        use your finger to write words on someone’s back and see if they know the word

·        use sidewalk chalk to write words on the sidewalk or driveway

·        use a Magna Doodle/Etch-a-Sketch to write words

·        use blocks to make words

·        clap as you chant words

·        orally spell words to a parent

·        get a parent to give you a practice test

·        spell words with your body

·        use a tape recorder to record yourself spelling words and play it back


4th Grade Word Wall Words:

I love words!

Fry’s Instant Word List is a total list of 1,000 words which support development of a powerful sight vocabulary. The first 300 words make up 65% of all written material contained in newspaper articles, magazines, textbooks, children’s stories, novels, and more.  By the end of 4th grade, your child should know how to read and spell all 400 words on this list.  

First Hundred
a               can        her         many        see          us
about        come      here        me          she           very

after        day         him         much       so             was

again        did          his          my          some         we

all            do           how        new        take           were

an           down        I            no          that            what

and         eat           if           not         the             when

any         for           in           of          their           which

are         from         is           old         them           who

as          get            it            on         then             will

at          give          just         one        there           with

be         go             know       or          they             work

been     good          like         other     this              would
before   had          little       our          three            you

boy        has          long        out          to                 your

but        have         make      put         two

by         he            man        said        up

Second Hundred

also       color        home      must       red           think

am        could        house     name       right         too

another dear         into        near        run           tree

away     each         kind       never       saw          under

back      ear          last        next        say           until

ball       end          leave      night       school        upon

because far          left       only         seem          use

best      find         let         open        shall           want

better   first        live        over         should        way

big        five         look       own          soon          where

black    found      made      people      stand         while

book     four        may        play         such           white

both     friend      men        please      sure           wish

box       girl         more       present    tell             why

bring     got         morning   pretty      than            year

call       hand       most         ran          these

came     high        mother    read        thing

Third Hundred

along     didn’t      food       keep         sat           though

always   does       full         letter       second      today

anything dog        funny      longer      set            took

around   don’t      gave        love         seven         town

ask        door       goes       might       show          try

ate        dress      green     money      sing           turn

bed       early       grow      myself     sister         walk

brown   eight       hat        now          sit              warm

buy       every      happy     o’clock     six             wash

car       eyes        hard       off         sleep          water

carry    face       head       once       small           woman

clean    fall         hear        order     start           write

close    fast        help         pair        stop            yellow

clothes fat         hold         part        ten             yes

coat     fine        hope         ride        thank         yesterday

cold     fire         hot          round      third

cut       fly         jump        same       those
Fourth Hundred
body    order     listen      farm        music          red     
wind    pulled     color       door        rock            draw     
stand   sure       space       voice      sun              become
covered seen    questions  top        fast             cold
fish      ship      several     cried     area             across
hold      plan      mark         today    himself        notice
dog      during    toward     south     horse          short
five      sing       birds        better   step            war
problem best     morning    ground   compete     however
passed   king     room         low         vowel         fall
knew      hours   true          town       since          black
hundred  I’ll       ever         products  against      unit
piece   happened  pattern  figure       told          whole
numeral  certain  usually     measure   table        field
didn’t   remember  north     travel      friends     early
slowly     wood      easy       waves      money       fire

heard     reached   map        upon