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Welcome to MathCounts
Sponsors:  Vimi McKeithan & Catherine DellaMea
Come and join us on Wednesday mornings starting in October !!

VSMS Regional and State Teams 
2007 Team:  (No Picture)
Marie Mauhar, John Dugan,
Kimberlee Holland, David Wang
2008 Team:
Megan McGufficke, Moshe Feldman,
Jerry Sun, Wynter Wolfe
MC 2008
State Competition
2009 Team:
Kay Nakazawa, Moshe Feldman,
Akshay Gupta, Matthew Mauhar
MC 2009
State Competition
2010 Team:  (No Picture)
Moshe Feldman, Sophia Porach,
Joyce Wei, Bradley Caswell
2011 Team: 
Daniel Cho, Kristie Kim,
Michael Morris, Daniel Witte
Regional Competition 
Regional Competition
2012 Team:  (no picture)
Kristie Kim, Corey Lando,
Vishal Naik, Ren Zang
2013 Team:
Ren Zang, Sahil Gupta,
Avi Feldman, Keshav Kumar
Top Individual:  Cameron Mosley
Top Unofficial Teams:  Anna Beaver, Gayeon Nam,
Duncan Mills, Timothy Jenkins, Alexa Sedman, Cameron Mosley.  Go Rams!
2014 Team: 
Keshav Kumar, Avi Feldman, Thomas Hanson, Michael Mahoney
Win Countdown Round:  Thomas Hanson
Top Unofficial Teams:  Anna Beaver, Gayeon Nam, Duncan Mills, Emily Lim.  Go Rams!
MC pic
1st Place in Regional Competitions in
2nd Place in 2010
3rd Place in 2011
2nd Place in 2012
1st Place  2013   & Top Individual
1st Place in 2014
We will meet on Wednesday mornings from 7:10 - 7:30 in Room 814 to practice problems and review concepts.
Competition Dates:

Jan 9 VSMS

Regional:  Feb 1 TCR
(top 10 individuals)

State:Mar 14 Durham
(top 3 Regional teams)

National:  May ? - Orlando Florida
(top team in NC)


Last Modified on February 10, 2014