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I am enjoying teaching your child.  I will doing everything I can to help every student be prepared to embark on the challenges that await them.  I will prepare them by working on how to take notes, show their work, ask questions, do their homework, and work with others by discussing the math they learn.  Please email or call at 654-1785 if you have any questions or concerns.  My planning is from 11:40 am - 1:30 pm.  You child may call me at 828-708-7752 for homework help. 
UNC-A Field Trip
UNC-A Field Trip   
Blue Ridge Assembly September 30th
 pic1   pic4   pic2 pic3  
pic6  pic7  pic8  pic9  
 pic12  pic12  pic11  pic10
  pic15   pic14  pic  pic16 pic17
Tower Activity
 B1 Tower  B1 Tower 2  B2 Tower 1  B2 Tower 2  B2 Tower 3
B3 Tower 1  B3 Tower 2  B4 Tower 1  B4 Tower 2   B4 Tower 3
 UNC-A October 31st
 pic1 pic2 pic3
pic4  pic5  
Asheville Theater Nov 22nd
  pic6 pic7 pic 8
pic9  pic10
My Family Pictures
Mrs. McKeithan's 4th block got to be on a billboard on Long Shoals on Friday.  Thank you to Mr. Soule, who came in and shared how he uses scaling at work!  2009
Bryce, Tristan, Collin, and Joel need alot of hair gel for their dew! 2009
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