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AC Reynolds Middle School

8th Grade Supply List  2014-2015:

·        6 Glue Sticks (give to Homeroom teacher) 

·        Tissues, at least 2 boxes (give to Homeroom teacher) 

·        Hand Sanitizer (give to Homeroom teacher) 

·        Clorox Wipes, at least 2 (give to Homeroom teacher) 

·        Ear buds (leave in backpack)

·        Two 2 inch binders (One for LA and one for Math) 

·        2 Pencil Pouches (one in each binder) 

·        MANY #2 pencils (keep some in each binder) 

·        Loose leaf paper in each binder 

·        8 binder dividers (5 for Language Arts, 3 for Math: DON'T LABEL) 

·        Highlighters (LA and Math pencil pouches) 

·        Flash/Zip Drive (keep in LA pencil pouch) 

·        1 pack of colored pencils (keep in SS/Science pencil pouch) 

·        4 packs of 3x5 index cards (give to LA and Science teachers)

        4 two pocket folders WITH FASTENERS (give to LA teachers)

·        2 three-subject spiral notebooks with pockets (S. Studies and Science) 

·        1 spiral notebook AT LEAST 180 pages, sections don’t matter (Math) 

·        Loose graph paper (Math) 

·        TI-83+ or TI-84+ or TI-nSpire calculator (Algebra---REQUIRED) 

·        TI- 83+ or TI-84+ calculator (8th Grade Math---if possible) 

·        The following books will be read during 8th grade.  There is one class set (30) of these books for the school, so please consider purchasing personal copies.  Personal copies would be beneficial for out of school reading and studying.   

-       Scorpions by Walter Dean Myers, and Around the World in Eighty Days by Jules Verne