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Students are encouraged to wear comfortable clothes, shoes and socks that are conducive to a variety of activities. 
Tee shirts that promote the use of tobacco products or alcohol may not be worn at school. Clothing should not appear to be out of place or cause unnecessary attention. Vulgar words and tasteless messages on clothing are inappropriate.  Parents will be called to arrange appropriate dress if a child arrives at school in offensive clothing.
No short shorts (they should be fingertip length when standing with arms at sides), halter-tops, spaghetti straps or baggy pants will be allowed.
Students should wear shirts that cover their tummies.
Please make a note of scheduled gym days and plan to wear suitable clothing on that day.
Stress good health habits and cleanliness.
Unnatural hair coloring (green, blue, purple, etc.) should not be worn to school.
Hats may not be worn by either sex unless it is dress-up picture day or for a school spirit event. 
PLEASE LABEL COATS, JACKETS, HATS, ETC., WITH YOUR CHILD’S NAME. There is a lost and found space located in the cafeteria and every effort will be made to return items to the owner. If a child’s name is on the item, it makes finding the owner much easier. 
Children are not allowed to wear Heelys. If they are worn to school, the wheels will be kept in the principal’s office until parents pick them up.